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Green iguana Iguana iguana

Iguana iguana Iguana iguana Iguana iguana

Tórshavn 24.05.2023
On this date, R. L. Hansen found this recently dead Green iguana in a container that had just arrived in the Faroe Islands.

Italian wall lizard Podarcis sicula
Podarcis sicula

Podarcis sicula Podarcis sicula Podarcis sicula Podarcis sicula

Podarcis sicula Podarcis sicula

All sorts of creepy crawlers are unintentionally imported with goods to the Faroe Islands, and this lizard, which Malan Ellingsgaard found 14.11.2014 in a box with cut bunches of parsley, is just one example of many.

Podarcis sicula lives in Southern Europe.

Alive Bufo bufo found in Miðvágur, Vágar
Bufo bufo

13. August 2011 Silvia Johansen found this alive Bufo bufo in Miðvágur, Vágar. This is the fourth observation in Faroe Islands. It is most likely thrown out or escaped from captivity.

Bufo bufo found dead in Húsavík, Sandoy

Bufo bufo Bufo bufo

Marna Skylv Sørensen found this dead Bufo bufo in Húsavík on Sandoy 05.10.2010. I wonder, how this amphibian ended up in Húsavík?

Common frog Rana temporaria
DK Butsnudet frø / Rana temporaria

DK Butsnudet frø / Rana temporaria DK Butsnudet frø / Rana temporaria DK Butsnudet frø / Rana temporaria

DK Butsnudet frø / Rana temporaria

At least 150,000 frog eggs were in a small pond at Nólsoy 04/05/2023

Tadpoles 22.04.2023 Tadpoles 22.04.2023 Tadpoles 22.04.2023

Tadpoles 22.04.2023

Rana temporaria have established themselves as a wild population in Nólsoy
In 2008 tadpoles were seen for the first time in a small village pond at the location Norðri á Boða in Nólsoy.
25. March 2009 I found several thousand eggs from Rana temporaria in the same pond. I brought 49 eggs home to my kitchen and put them in a glass, and 29. March there were 47 tadpoles in the glass - only 2 eggs were unfertilized.
I would never have believed, that Rana temporaria could live in the Faroese nature, but this must be the best proof.
In 2008 a frog was seen at the location of Fjallavatn in Vágoy. This frog was probably released in the nature by a man from Sørvági, who earlier got some tadpoles from Marnar á Skúr in Nólsoy.

I know of at least 4 other frogs Bufo bufo, that have entered the Faroe Islands, but I have not heard about any of them breeding.

Read more about the frogs in Nólsoy below theese photographs!
1. Frogeggs

"Frømanden" Marnar á Skúr.

"The Frogman" Marnar á Skúr

3. Tadpoles in the hand.
Tadpoles in an aquarium 3. an adault frog.
Frogs have bred in Nólsoy, Faroe Islands, in 2004

Some years ago people in the small village of Nólsoy noticed frogs moving around in the village.

2002: In 2002 the frogs laid eggs, but they were not fertilized.
2003: In 2003 there were no eggs.
2004: In the beginning of May 2004 there were an unbelievable amount of fertilized eggs. Since then several hundreds of eggs have developed into tadpoles both indoor and outdoor in bowls and tubs in Marnar’s garden.
Marnar á Skúr – a local personality – caught as many as he could, where after he placed them in a cage with a small, but deep pool in his garden. At the beginning the frogs were quite small, but since then they have grown a lot. Some of them measure app. 8 cm. in length. Some of them are quite fair in colour and some are dark, but still I believe they all belong to Rana temporaria.
2005: Even if May had winter temperatures, the frogs on Nólsoy laid eggs again in the middle of the month. Marnar á Skúr took the eggs indoors, and had several hundred tadpoles in bowls and tubs. All became females - I did not see a single male.
Marnar has 3 females, so there is a possibility that the two others will breed as well…
A big amount of the young frogs from last summer have survived the winter and seem to be doing fine.
Rana temporaria exists from Mid-europe to the North cap and over to the Ural Mountains.
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