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Jens-Kjeld in his workshop.

Jens-Kjeld is Danish and moved to the Faroe Islands in 1970. He is ”the man” with the great knowledge about birds – both living and dead. Also he stuffs birds, found and delivered by other people. He has an enormous interest in everything, which goes on in nature, and the result of his individuality in research can be seen in the several articles under ”Articles” on this webpage. Pay attention to the “Reference list” as well.
Furthermore he has written more than 400 other Faroese articles to the newspaper Dimmalætting. Read some of them here

Jens-Kjeld in his workshop


Marita is Faroese. She is the creator of the pins, key rings, magnets and the other small items, which you can see under the ”Online shop” on the webpage. She gets her inspiration from nature and what’s in it, and draws all the sketches herself. Furthermore she makes pins and other items for mostly local sport clubs, where she as a basis mainly uses their own emblems.
She has a big influence in the enormous and world wide correspondence, which the couple have in their home.

Marita and Grace reading the newspaper

Marita and Jens-Kjeld are visited by nursery schools, Faroese and school classes from abroad, companies, teams of travellers and other guests during the whole summer. Some of them choose to go on a night trip to the “World’s largest Storm Petrel colony” with Jens-Kjeld, while others choose to get a lesson from him in whatever goes on in nature.
Marita together with Peggy og Roger Cundell from Australia. They visited Nólsoy in 1998 in connection with Rogers 80 years birthday, which he celebrated by joining a ”Night tour to the wold’s largest Storm Petrel colony”. The couple visited again in 2005.

Willem Barendsz Mikkjal Gulklett, Marita's father, wrote a diary, and you can read the very interesting description of his trip on the great whale hunt in Antarctic in 1946-47 onboard Willem Barendsz. The article is available only in Faroese, but so far, the incredible photographs can be seen.
Read the article

Marita Gulklett.

Marita and Jens-Kjeld.

Marita Gulklett

Marita and Jens-Kjeld

One must say, that a lot is going on in the little yellow house on Nólsoy, where the couple, their two Sacred Birman cats and hens are meeting people from the whole world.


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