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We have no fertile cats at the moment, so we will not have any kittens preliminary

Felis Aurboda

Video of the kittens Sólja, Flykra, Dái & Hugin


(Danish article, easily translated online)

Pjerrot, Grace & Ulla 05.05.2013

Pjerrot, Grace & Ulla 05.05.2013

3 who loves "knettir" - a Faroese specialty, which is large fish balls with onion, spices and tallow from sheep

Grace & Pjerrot watching a DVD of their own kittens

Grace & Pjerrot 02.05.2009

Parcel from Norway!

Galina Furholt has made these pretty and wonderful soft beds, which Grace & Pjerrot love

Visit Galina Furholts website

Grace 01.01.2012

Grace & Pjerrot 01.01.2012 Pjerrot 01.01.2012 Pjerrot 01.01.2012 Grace 01.01.2012

Grace & Pjerrot december 2010.

Grace & Pjerrot 10.02.2010 Grace & Pjerrot 10.02.2010 Grace & Pjerrot 10.02.2010
Grace 10.02.2010 Grace 10.02.2010

A fine drawing, received in the mail... Cat drawing - notice Nólsoy in the hindmost.

Grace & Pjerrot playing hide and seek
Grace has found a new hiding place... Grace hiding for Pjerrot. Pjerrot searching for his beloved one. Pjerrot believes, Grace is inside...

Grace & Pjerrot are grandparents - read more

Grace and Pjerrot having Christmas fun...
Grace with her Christmas mouse. Grace with her Christmas mouse.
We love the smell of new washed clothes... We got our own presents of course... Pjerrot opening parcels his way... Pjerrot opening parcels his way... Grace having big plans about cleaning the house...

09. Aug. 2007 an article about our cats was printed in the newspaper Dimmalætting - read the Faroese article

Grace gave birth to 2 kittens 5'th April 2007; but unfortunately they are not among us anymore.
Grace & Pjerrot.
Kitten nest.
Grace & Pjerrot.


We have become members of the Danish FIFEe club Katteklubben which means, that we will be breeding in our own registrated name. Our name Aurboda is from The Nordic Mythology: Aurboda is in Norse mythology a gianntess. Wife to the mountain giant Gymir, and mother of Bele and Gerd, which later became the wife of Frej.

We got in our house June 21. 2006.

View photos, and read about Aurboda's 4 Birman kittens

Pregnancy! Pregnancy! Pregnancy!

Pjerrot pand Grace during the first matting.

Grace is bred by Inge Magrethe Hermandsen, Fuen Denmark.

Pjerrot is bred by Ole & Pia Sørensen, Jutland, Denmark.

Imagicat's Grace as a kitten

Sir & Lady's Sir Pjerrot as a kitten

Our first Sacred Birman cat, was the lovely SBI (sealpointed) Grace - alias Pjuskan, from the Danish breeder Imagicats. Grace was a christmas present from one of our good friends in Denmark, who himself came to Faroe Islands to hand her over to us.
Grace has been the "Cat of the month" on the homepage of the Sacred Birman Club of Denmark. Also Grace has been the "Cover girl" on the September issue of the magazine "BIRMAEN", clubmagazine for the Sacred Birmans in Denmark - read more about this on Grace's page.
Our second Sacred Birman cat was the Danish SBI n (sealpointed) male Pjerrot - alias "Murrimann", who barged into our home in November 2005.
Pjerrot is the most sweetest and laziest furry ball. He spends his time doing absolutely nothing except eating. He acts like a furious lion as soon as his nose catches the smell of cooking, and he eats all the Faroese delicacies such as meat, fish, spawn balls, lam meat, dried lam meat (and potato peelings) - the dinner cancelled so far is black pudding.
Although his fine genealogical table, his main interest is guarding the garbage can to prevent a tragedy, such as any waste of food.

My sister Mikala made this amazing tombstone, when our 14 year old housecat Eldi died. Visit Mikala's and Kartin's firm on the link below.
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